Cardiac MRI: The check-up for athletes and those returning to sports

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an ambitious amateur athlete or a former athlete thinking about returning to active sports, everyone can benefit from a cardiac MRI check-up. The examination with our 3 Tesla magnetic resonance tomograph takes a maximum of 40 minutes and provides highly reliable information about the condition of the heart, its performance and functionality.

Depending on the results, you, as an athlete can specifically adapt your activities to the health and performance of your heart while preventing health risks.

Magnetic resonance imaging: Identifying and minimizing risks

A flu-like infection and too little physical rest can cause dangerous heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis). People who are active in sports often tend to not take sufficient care and give their bodies a rest period when they have an infection.

If myocarditis is not recognized or treated in time, this can have fatal consequences for your health! This is because myocarditis carries the risk of chronic heart failure (cardiac insufficiency), cardiac arrhythmias and the risk of sudden cardia death. For these very reasons, active athletes should pay careful attention to their heart and health.

What does a 3 Tesla MRI offer?

Your appointment for cardiac MRI

We will be happy to set up an examination appointment for you at info@cardiomed24.de or phone: +49 2132-68 59 680. Alternatively, you can book your appointment independently online through Doctolib. In this case, please contact us promptly so that we can inform you in advance about the formalities and the procedure (consent form is required).