Gender heart center: gender-specific medicine

Male and female often have different complaints for the same condition. At the same time, women frequently have atypical complaints that are often not recognized. For example, women are about four times more likely to have a heart attack than men. Women often suffer from shortness of breath, a feeling of pressure on the chest or in the upper abdomen, poor performance and fatigue. The cause can be circulatory disorders of the heart, especially so-called microcirculatory disorders. Here, the smallest vessels in the heart are disturbed in their function.

Cardiac MRI examinations offer excellent possibilities for the diagnosis of heart diseases, especially those that more frequently affect women, such as cardiac insufficiency with preserved function of the heart (filling disorder, diastolic heart failure), spasm of the coronary vessels (coronary spasm), stress-related cardiac insufficiency (stress cardiomyopathy, broken heart syndrome, Takozubo cardiomyopathy) or microcirculatory disorders (small vessel disease).

Because of our special expertise in gender medicine, we get to the bottom of your symptoms in detail.

What does a 3 Tesla MRI offer?

Your appointment for cardiac MRI

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