Cancer treatment: Using MRI to rule out heart disease

Those who develop cancer need effective treatment quickly. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy or antibody therapies are often used to treat the cancer. In the course of these therapies, damage to the heart can occur that is often not detected and consequently not treated.

With 3-Tesla MRI imaging, tissue changes and functional disturbances in the heart can be made visible at early stages. This can prevent heart failure (cardiac insufficiency) and possibly a life-threatening heart attack (myocardial infarction).

If you are affected by cancer and have been or are being treated with chemotherapy, immunotherapy or antibody therapy, we advise you to have a cardiac MRI in our practice.

A great advantage of MRI diagnostics is that we can obtain extensive information about your heart function, your blood flow and the vitality of your heart muscle as well as additionally about the vessels close to the heart and the lungs with only one examination without radiation exposure in a short examination time of maximum 40 minutes.

3-Tesla MRI: No radiation, no side effects

A cardiac MRI with the 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner is extremely well tolerated because the machine delivers precise images – without X-ray radiation! The technology uses radio waves and magnetic fields that image the inside of the body layer by layer, in detail and three dimensionally. The examination is virtually free of side effects.

What does a 3 Tesla MRI offer?

Your appointment for cardiac MRI

We will be happy to set up an examination appointment for you at info@cardiomed24.de or phone: +49 2132-68 59 680. Alternatively, you can book your appointment independently online through Doctolib. In this case, please contact us promptly so that we can inform you in advance about the formalities and the procedure (consent form is required).