Long/post-covid syndrome: detect and treat cardiovascular damage.

Despite a mild course of SARS-Cov-2 infection, secondary conditions such as long-covid syndrome or post-covid syndrome can occur. In long-covid, symptoms may persist for more than 4 weeks after acute infection, and in post-covid, symptoms may persist for 12 weeks after infection. We estimate that 15 percent of those with covid develop long- or post-covid syndrome.

In long- or post-Covid syndrome, heart function may be impaired. The blood vessels and lungs may also be affected. Symptoms may also develop after vaccination against the virus. In rare cases, myocarditis may occur, which usually has a very good prognosis.

Typical symptoms in long or post covid are as follows:

  • Air hunger, shortness of breath

  • Chest pain

  • Fatigue (exhaustion)

  • Brainfog (brain fog)

Diagnostic options and procedures

If you also suffer from post or long covid syndrome with accompanying symptoms or suspect that you do, we advise you to seek pneumological, angiological and cardiological clarification in order to be able to reliably exclude organic damage or to diagnose it at an early stage.

At Cardiomed24 we get to the bottom of your symptoms with the most modern diagnostic possibilities – e.g. with spirometry, echocardiography, ultrasound examinations of all organs, dynamic stress echocardiography and high-end cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Our state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI allows us to carefully examine your heart as well as your vascular system for possible changes or limitations. Imaging of the lungs and pulmonary vessels is also outstandingly possible using the high-resolution 3 Tesla MRI.

For many of our patients, just the certainty that there have been no organic late sequelae, supports recovery and successful healing.

Our expertise: Covid sequelae

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Heinz-Wilhelm Esser, MD, has accompanied and treated numerous Covid 19 patients as inpatients, intensive care patients and outpatients. From his post/long Covid outpatient clinic, he knows about the limiting symptoms of those affected and takes them very seriously. As an experienced pulmonary specialist, cardiologist, emergency physician and intensive care physician, he has a high level of expertise in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of long/post Covid syndrome. He also advises elite and ambitious amateur athletes on returning to training after a Covid 19 infection.

What does a 3 Tesla MRI offer?

Your appointment for cardiac MRI

We will be happy to set up an examination appointment for you at info@cardiomed24.de or phone: +49 2132-68 59 680. Alternatively, you can book your appointment independently online through Doctolib. In this case, please contact us promptly so that we can inform you in advance about the formalities and the procedure (consent form is required).